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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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May 25, 1915.

"WE are on the fiftieth page and were speaking of
the fourth point of Conduct—Cheerfulness. Con-
tinuing, the Master says:

Remember that you are of but little use to the Master
a-intil your evil karma is worked out, and you are free.

That is clearly a point which we ought to remember
and it will certainly be a great comfort to us when
Karma brings^ suffering upon us.  Remember that
the Master is hampered in His work by our bad
karma, and that therefore, in getting rid of the bad
karma, we are making ourselves more fit to serve
Him. I know that Madame Blavatsky took that
view very strongly with regard to the Coulomb affair
and the attacks made upon her in the year i884, or
thereabouts.  While she was indignant that the
attacks should be made, and at the ingratitude which
they showed, and while she was disturbed lest they
should reflect upon her Society and injure it, she said :

et Well, at least there is this, that all these troubles
make me more fit to serve Him." She used to hint
sometimes vaguely at some mistake that she had
made in the past—I presume in a previous life,