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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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perhaps in the life before last. Of course we never
asked about that. We never thought it was our
business in any way, but several times She did hint at
something of that nature as a kirM of explanation of
all the trouble and suffering that came upon her. I
know nothing more than what she said, but she
seemed to regard it all in that way as the payment of
a debt, and took it very cheerfully.

Certainly the same thing is true of the Society as a
whole. It has passed through various troubles. That
Coulomb affair reacted very much on the Society
of that time, as also did the great Judge trouble
which came eleven years later, and likewise the
trouble about myself, which arose again eleven years
after that. Each of those was a sad affair for the
Society. In each case we lost some members whom
many of us loved, w^hom we did not in the least wish
to lose, whom we felt we could ill afford to lose. Yet
in every case, after each of these troubles, the Society
leapt forward again, and certainly on the whole was
the better for itónot immediately, but soon after-
wards. Apparently those who left us had gone as
far as they could. Madame Blavatsky spoke of some
people, who were very good and helpful for a time, as
presently becoming dead weights in the Society. She
told us that when people had reached their u satura-
tion point for truth," as she called it, when they had
gone as far as they usefully could go in that life, they
were sometimes unable to bear the idea that the