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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWENTY-FIRST TALK          4a5

imagine now what we felt when Madame Blavatsky
left us and gave up her body. It seemed to us that
the Society *would hardly continue. We could not
imagine, having been used to daily inspiration from
her, how we could get along, and yet somehow or
other we did. It is true that another great individu-
ality arose in the person of our present President.
You know how it is with us now, how we all feel—at
least I myself do—that, when she changes her body,
it will be a loss which cannot possibly be repaired,
because there is only one Mrs. Besant And yet I
am sure she would be the first to tell you that the
Society will go on—she would probably say, go on
just as well. I myself find it very difficult to
believe that. ,But that it will go on and do its work,
I am sure, because, after all, although the instruments
change their bodies, although <( in the sight of
the unwise they seem to die," the Masters who
stand behind do not die, and while They are
there, some will be found to carry on the work for

So the various troubles that have come over the
Society have certainly been good for the Society.
In this way the corporate life of the Society is some-
thing like the individual life of each of its members.
It works out its karma and is the better for having
worked it out. It has been very remarkable in the
Society, that each of these troubles, which at the time
seemed a very terrible and crushing affair; has