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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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been followed by a strong forward movement. So
He says:

By offering' yourself to Him, you have 5sked that your
Karma may be hurried.            •

You see that is the idea. You offer yourself to the
Master ; and when you thus offer yourself, it ought to
be in the same whole-hearted spirit that you would
give any other gift. You give yourself. You ought
not to want to take back any part of it, or make a re-
servation as to how it should be used. People talk
of giving" themselves to the Master, and are afraid
that the Master will ask too much of them. That is
the spirit of Ananias and Sapphira—the spirit that
gave, but did not give everything. Mind, that unfor-
tunate couple had assuredly the most perfect right to
retain part of their goods for themselves if they
wished to do so. The mistake they made was that
they pretended that they were giving everything
without actually doing so.  So if there be those
among us who say: " I can give this much of myself,
only, but I cannot give myself unreservedly," that,
after all, is a stage through which you must pass.
But if you can give yourself you should not wish to
take back that gift, and you should not wish to keep
a check as to how it should be used. You give your-
self altogether. You need have no fear that He will
want too much from you.

So He says, because of that: " In one or two lives
you work through what otherwise might have been