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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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it greater than it is, by magnifying it and talking it
over and thinking too much about it, you are laying
up further evil karma. You should bear it cheerfully,
for that in itself is the making Sf good karma, and
you are hastening the development of good qualities
in yourself, patience, perseverance, long-suffering,
determination and so on. So you see that out of evil
long past you make an absolute benefit for yourself.

Yet another point. You must give up all feeling of
possession. Karma may take from you the things that you
like best—even the people you love most. Even then you
must be cheerful—ready to part with anything and everything.

That is especially the meaning of the word which
the Master has translated {t Cheerfulness," or rather
which He has substituted for the wcyd {t Titiksha^
the readiness to give up anything in the world, that
is the meaning which used to be insisted upon most
strongly. He says, you must not have any feeling of
possession. It is very difficult, because we have been
brought up along that line. These races have been
emphasising the individuality.  Well, all evolution
has been building up this individuality and perhaps
rather especially in the Anglo-Saxon races, where we
have been emphasising the lower mind and the
discrimination between this and that, and therefore
between mine and thine very strongly. It gives us
this strong sense of possession. We say: " This is
my money; this is my property; the influence which I
get is mine, for me to use for my own advantage." Yes,