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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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personal self—a very poor thing to do, a distinct

One must learn this attitude of regar3ing oneself as
a unit of humanity. You see tha1! very wonderfully,
very beautifully, with our Masters ; how they regard
Themselves merely as stewards of mighty powers
which They possess. That is why it is said that the
Master makes no karma. So long as you are thinking
of yourself and putting forth any energy—no matter
how good the energy may be—with the thought of
self, then the karma, good though it may be, binds
you to life, just as surely as bad karma w^uld bind
you to life, because you have done it for yourself.
But if you can do all your good deeds without a
single thought of self, thinking onlyof humanity as
doing them through you, the karma comes to hu-
manity as a whole. That is precisely how it happens
that Those Who are the Greatest of Actors and
Performers, yet make no karma that binds Them,
because They do it all impersonally. They do it all
as a soldier fights in battle—with no thought of the
particular enemy whom he happens to kill, but simply
the feeling that he is working for a cause, as a part of
a mighty machine. Therefore They work as part of
the Great Brotherhood, as part of the Hierarchy, part
of humanity, and the karma comes back to humanity,
and helps to uplift it, which is Their object. That is
what we must try to do. First you see, you must
have no sense of possession about things,—or about