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TWENTY-FIRST TALK           43l

people, which is harder still. The Master says:

<c Karma may take from you the things you like be^t
—even the people whom you lo\e most^' Tile idea is
partly that they may be taken from you by death, as
it is called, but also that they may be taken from you
in the sense of going out for service. Of how many
thousands is that true now—that the wife is giving
her husband, that the mother is giving her son, to go
forth for the right in the sen ice of the countn.
Thousands upon thousands of people are giving \uth
the utmost freedom that which they love* most.
Surely it is not for us ever to hesitate to do as \\ell in
our Master's service as ^> many thousands of others
have done m the service of the nation.

Of course Ft is difficult to let a life go out of y<nu>
which is more to you than your own life, and yet yuu
know, in connection \\ ith this Theosophical movement,
many have had to do that, some under ven* >ad
circumstances, others under circumstances which
make the sacrifiqe holv and beautiful.   In nunv
cases it has happened even a^ Christ said of UnnM'lf:

Łt I come not to bring peace, but a hword " -to <rt
various people against one unuth^r^ meanun^ of
course, that His teaching \umld IN* takrn upherr and
there by one in a family and nnt In othrr>, tli.u it
would cause division* Theu.supin lu^ dtHir th»it t< «.
Again and again there have been (M;^ \\ iu'lc 1*111
member of a family lias seen the Th'usuphiral Truth
because he had met \uth it in other live^ luir; .u»<»,