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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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while the rest of the family have not seen it and have
gone on in their own way. It has meant suffering,
division, trouble.  In this way Theosophy seems at
the time to cause division, and it has often happened
that a member, for the sake of his belief, has had to
give up the nearest and the closest relation with
those whom he loved most dearly, because they have
been unable to follow him into his newer and wider
life. For the sake of Theosophy many of us have
had to give up those whom we love ; and yet also for
the sake of Theosophy that also is well, but it is not
easy. It is the last and most difficult test of our
devotion to the Master—to be willing to yield to His
service that for which we have had a deep and
unselfish love.                       9

Remember the difficulty that King Suddhodana
found, when his son, the Prince Siddartha, wished to
devote Himself to the religious life and the search
for truth, and how the king spent vast sums of money
and a great part of his life in endeavouring to keep
back his son from the high fate that opened before
him, endeavouring to make him, instead of the
greatest religious teacher the world has ever known,
the greatest king in India, which was the future the
astrologers had foretold for him—a king who would
rule the whole of India even as certain others had
once or twice done. The king preferred that to the
alternative of being the greatest religious teacher the
world had ever had, because he knew that to be a