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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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suffering as that by killing out love from the heart.
Remember how a sword pierced the heart of Our
Lady Herself, the Blessed Virgin Mar^. She might
have escaped that sword, you tan see, if she had
chosen to tear out from her heart all remembrance of
her Son and forget Him altogether. That is the
method adopted by the people of the darker magic.
They cast out love and so they do not suffer. But
that is the darker magic—and is not for any who
follow the Great Brotherhood, for there the love
becomes even stronger. But it becomes, at the same
time, selfless love, so that the thought of the Master
and His work is that which is loved most of all, and
that to which everything else must give way. You
do not kill out the love, but you kill out the selfishness
in the love, and that is not always easy. Remember
how the Christ Himself spoke to the people. He
said to them, " Forsake all and follow Me." Now
when you read that, or when our Christian friends
read that in the Gospel, of course they all feel they
would have done it at once. ft is not so certain.
Think of it—put yourself, if you can, into the place of
the people of that time. Remember the young man
who came to Him, who had great possessions and
riches. He did not forsake all and follow Christ.
He was sorrowful about it. He could not because he
had great possessions. Probably these possessions
brought their duties which he felt he had to perform.
In any case would you have been so sure to do it ?