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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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you, would not be quite the highest and best thing
to do. That is just such a test. Once more are you
really going to follow Him, really gofhg to do what
He expects of you, or are you keeping back part of
the price ? It is a serious test. We could never dream
of despising those who cannot pass so severe a test as
that. If we find ourselves able to pass it, let us be
humbly, heartily thankful but never for a moment let
us blame the man who does not see his way to
do so, because it is a hard thing, a very hard

Often the Master needs to pour out His strength upon
others through His servant; He cannot do that if His
servant yields to depression. So cheerfulness must be the



You see how constantly all through this book the
same reason is brought forward for everything that
has to be done,—namely, the service of the Master.
Here again the Master can use you. You may expect
a dozen reasons to be given against depression. It is
bad for you, it has an <inpleasanl effect upon others
around you, but the one point which is emphasised
here is that the Master cannot use you, if you yield to
depression. Therefore you must not be depressed.
Always this noble, this elevating thought: you can
help, you can be made use of, you can share in the
Master's work. He needs your help, and in order
to help, you must be all joy and cheerfulness. His
force is all joy, because it is part of the Divine Force,