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TWENTY-FIRST TALK           437

and God is Love and Glory and Beauty, not depres-
sion or gloominess or hatred.

Then we come to another of the six points of Good
Conduct, that whi(?h is called One-Pointedness*

5. Onc'Pointcducss :

The one thing that you must set before wu Is tu duthe
Master's \wrk. Whatever else may unne in }uin \^u tu
do, that at least yon must never forget Vcl notlunu else
0272 come in your way, for all helpful, unsrltish v»uik i^ the
]\Iaster's work, and you must do it for Ills s»iki\

Well, we know that in ordinary life one-pointedness

is necessary to success. The one-pointed mail always
wins in the end. I suppose then* is practically nothing
that a man cannot get if he wills strongly enough,
and works for* it definitely enough.   In ordinary

everyday life you see it, you know. The man who
has made up his mind with firm determination to save
money? or to make money, does it in time. The man
who sets himself to reach a particular point get. tin re
in time, if only his will is strong enough. If Ite <\ili
do it even in ordinary worldly matters vei\ much
more so can he do it in the case of ^piriliul thm^.
To will strongly enough is certainly to tuve.   If vuu
set your mind to reach a point )OH \\ill n a* h it.
But you must be one-pointed. You mu4 hr vulim^
to put aside all other thb|^ in ordet tlut \^n uuv
get it.

It is said here th;it all good ^oik i-the Ui h i'
work, so that you can do even thin f h^m tlut pnint