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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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of view. Ifc would be useful if in the ordinary daily
work you would just set yourselves to see in what the
work you are doing" is the Master"? work, to see
wherein lies its helpfulness. Suppose you are earning
money to support your wife and family—is that the
Master's work ? Yes, it is the Master's work. You
are put by karma into that position. You have taken
upon yourself certain responsibilities, you are not free
to do the Master's work until those responsibilities
have been met, until you have done that which is
necessary for you to do, and in the very doing of that
you are providing no doubt for your wife and children,
but you are raising up others who will work for the
Master. You are making it possible that they in their
turn shall carry on the work. In very many cases
the helpfulness of the work consists in preparing
yourself to do greater work. Take the case of a
schoolboy. He might say, (c Well, I am going to
school, I am learning all these things, in many
cases I do not see the use of the particular
things I have to learn."" No, but it all goes to the
building up of the character, or of a certain
amount of knowledge, a body of knowledge. There
are certain things, you know, which a boy learns
at school, which are not in the least of use to him,
but are given to him to develop his mental facul-
ties. Dead languages like Greek and Latin, and things
like geography are of little use to most boys; but
the reason they are taught, we are told, is to develop