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TWENTY-FIRST TALK           439

the mentality of the child. So in the same way a
boy might say: u Well, I do not want to waste time
in doing physical culture exercises. Why should I
do that, instead af cultivating my mind ? t?  And
one would answer : u Just because you have a physical
body and, unless your body is trained and strength-
ened, your mind will not be strong, and you will not
be able to do the best work." So a good deal of his
work consists in just preparing himself for other
work. It is not that he is actually doipg the Work,
but he is preparing himself to be able to do it.
That happens to many of us, because we are, in
many cases, only children in regard to the higher life.
Consequently many of the duties that come in our way
may be takers as being designed to develop qualities
within us which we shall presently be able to use in
the Master's service. That being so, the development
of these qualities is also His service, just as much as
the actual work; for without such preparation we
should be unable to do it. Everything is for Him.
Whether you are preparing yourself, whether you urc
workmg nominally for wife and children, \\ bother you
are working for your country, or directly for sonic
particular object, yet all work is for Him. Kc-
member, if we arc His, it could not In* for anyone
else. How should it be ? If, then, yon make thisyonr
normal attitude—that yon are doin^ even-tiling
for Him—you make an atmosphere in which this one-
pointedness can grow. If you arc making money, it