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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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is made to be used in the service of humanity. If you
are gaining for yourself position and power, it is that
you may use it for His sake. Take car^ that you do
not deceive yourself, take care that^t is not a pretence,
and that behind it you are not cloaking some feeling
of selfish delight in the power, in the money.

In so far as there is anything selfish, to that extent
the thing is less perfect as an offering. But if any of
these things are being sought solely for Him and solely
for His service, then the work entailed in seeking them
is good workówork upon which His blessing may
rest. Then He says :

That same Teacher also wrote: << Whatsoever ye do,
do it heartily as to the Lord, and not unto men." Think
how you would do a piece of work if you knew that the
Master was coming at once to look at it. *Just in that way
you must do all your work. Those who know most will
most know all that that verse means.

Many of you know the inner meaning of the verse.
When S. Paul wrote it, I presume he was thinkingó
nay, as an Initiate he was probably thinkingóof
that of which it reminds -UK, but the^average Christian
who reads it will think of it as referring to God. It
is said that you should do your work as though a
Master were coming to look at it. Those of you
who have read of the great Initiations, will know that
the whole world exists in the aura of the Lord of the
World, of the One Initiator, and that therefore every-
thing that you do is being done actually in His
Presence, within His consciousness, so that He is