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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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June 4, 1915.

One-pointedness means, too, that nothing shall ever
turn you, even for a moment, from the Path upon which you
have entered. No temptations, no worldly pleasures," no
worldly affections even, must ever draw you aside. For
you yourself must become one with the Path; it must
be so much part of your nature that you follow it without
needing to think of it, and cannot turn aside. You, the
Monad, have decided it; to break away from it would be
to break away from yourself.

That statement, that you must become one with
the Path, is made, you know, in other Scriptures
besides this. You remember how the Christ said to
His Disciples: (t 1 am the way," and how Shri Krishna
made a very similar observation; He said : ti I am the
way along which the traveller must walk." You find
the same idea put before you also in Light on the
Path. In ordef to understand that, you must go
back to the idea of the Monad, and realise that the
Monad is you. It is difficult to realise ; most people
cannot even realise that the ego is themselves. You
know how habitually they talk about " my soul," as
though the real man was the body, and the soul some
kind of possession. The first thing we have to teach