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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Monad is the real self. I suppose perhaps, though
that is only speculation, that there will come another
point much farther on in our evolution, when we shall
learn with equal certainty that not even the Monad,
but that the Logos, who stands behind, is the true
self. (< I am that Self, that Self am I." You have to
realise that; it is easy to say, but to realise it is very
difficult. However, you must at least intellectually
grasp the thought that you are the Monad and that
all these lower desires are not your will at all. Your
will is always to grow spiritually. You should be
like the needle of the compass ; you may be swayed
a little here and there by external influences, but you
always come back and point to the pole. Matter is
your instrument, it is absurd to give way to the
instincts, feelings and desires of a piece of material
which you have picked up to fashion for your own
use, yet that is all the body is. People yield them-
selves to this thing and let it master them. Of course
this should not be. It is as though, for example,
when you were usmg a harftmer, the hammer struck
where it chose, instead of where you intended. It is
exactly like that. Your body exists because you made
it, because you drew it round you. It should have
no separate existence of any sort whatever. You
must mould it into an expression of you. After that
you will mould it into a perfect expression of the
Monad. At present the Monad very rarely interferes
with us down here.  Remember that we know