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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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very little about the Monad. None of us who write
can reach the Monadic level. We can see Him in
His first manifestation, but not on flis own plane.
The Adept can meet Him on His own plane, but
we can only theorise as to what His consciousness
is, as to how much He knows, to put it plainly,
of what we are doing down here. It may be
that it is hardly worth His while to consider
the matter as yet. You see how the thing is:—in
order to gain the experience of all the planes He puts
a part of Himself (that is misleading again, because it
makes Him seem separable; we must use words limited
by our own knowledge and our own power of thought
to express these higher things, and I think this on the
whole is less deceptive, less liable to mistake) He puts
down part of Himself, the ego. He does not seem
to be able to get down lower than the top of the men-
tal plane. Then that ego repeats the action, and
puts part of itself down, which becomes our person-
ality, so that we are very much a fragment of a frag-
ment, and a very poor expression of the higher. The
Monad throws that down to work. He cannot, I
imagine, (we are speaking here without perfect know-
ledge) do much with it. He puts it down and over-
shadows it, throws influence on to it rather than into
it. The ego of a savage is practically not there, so
far as any influence over the bodies goes. The only
thing is that, but for the ego, the savage could not be
there. But as an expression of the ego he is a failure,