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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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to get control of it as much as he can. He, as it were,
struggles with the elemental made by the Karmic
Deities and tries to improve matters, a5d more or less
through life he keeps trying to influence it. He has
built something for it that we call conscience, you
know, and through that he tries to work.

Among yourselves, here, he must be keenly awake,
trying to influence you. You must encourage that,
you see, because it is the real You for the moment.
But the Monad,—who lies many planes further
back still—is not doing anything at all. He is
simply -leaving the work to the ego, because it is the
ego's work, but as soon as you get the definite junction
between the ego and the lower vehicles, that man is
ready for Initiation.  Then the M6nad begins to
come into play, then He begins to wake up. Remem-
ber that He is the God in man, His influence is the
Divine influence, but it is practically only then that
He begins to use that influence and even then it will
only be but a slight influence, for a considerable time.
I suppose that sometimes there are very special
occasions when He intervenes as in the (t Lives of
Alcyone," when Alcyone, in the presence of the
Lord Gautama Buddha made the vow himself to
become a Buddha.  That was the Monad.  The
Monad made that vow, because only the Monad was
in a position to fulfil it. The personality obviously
could not do so ; so here the Monad came down.
We looked that matter up specially because we