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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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doubted somewhat, we did not understand how he
could be so utterly sure,*and it seemed as though that
there was no ftcc will left to the man himself, the ego
down here, to do vrihat He wwikL But the true Self
is the Monad, It w^as that true Self which made that
decision ; so after all it was the man's own will and
no other. The power of the Monad begins to mani-
fest itself only when the ego has done the greater
part of his wwk. Then begins the higher stage of
development, a very, very interesting one, but one
about which ordinary people like ourselves cannot
know very much about as yet. As soon as we attain
that level we shall begin to sec very much more, and
we shall find that the Monad is the greatest of all.
There is always a tendency, I suppose it is natural,
for these very high things connected with ourselves
to seem a little vague. You understand that there
is a great Master, many great Masters, but you know
that yon are not yet a M aster. You kno\v that there
is a Solar Deity, but you yourself know that you are
not yet a Deity. 'Remember that Christ said: "Ye
are all Gods; ye arc all children of the Most High."
The Divine Spark is there, and although the spark
burns low, it is within reach, it may manifest itself,
and presently it will manifest itself in every oneĽ
Therefore we must not be guilty of the sacrilege of
losing confidence in ourselves, because that, after all,
is to lose confidence in God who is within us.