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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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May 8, 1915.

You must trust your Master; you must trust yourself.
If you have seen the Master, you will trust Him to the
uttermost, throug-h many lives and deaths. If you have not
yet seen Him, you must still try to realise Him and trust,
because if you do not, even He cannot help you. Unless
there is perfect trust, there cannot be the perfect flow of
love and power.

You will see, of course, that these are partly the
words of Alcyone himself ; he is speaking here of his
Master, but the Master Himself spoke similarly of
others greater than He, because, just as we speak
and think of our Masters, so do They think and speak
of the Lord Buddha, of the Lord Maitreya, and of
Others like that. So what was said here by the
Master to Alcyone was n^t just exattly in these words ;

these are Alcyone's own words with regard to his
own Master. You had another similar case earlier
in the book, " In the light of His Holy Presence all
desire dies, but the desire to be like Him." What the
Master said there was: " When the Great Ones are
seen all lower thoughts and desires fall away." But
of course to Alcyone the Great One is His own
Master, for the time being, and so he says it in relation