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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWENTY-THIRD TALK          45l

to Him. There are one or two places in the book like
this where you have Alcyone's own words rather than
the Master's. *

Now this utter trust in the Master, of which he
speaks as such a necessary thing, is largely a question
of one's past. You can see, if you look at the lives
of Alcyone, how that was so in his own case. He
trusts the Master instantly and fully, because after
all he has been in close association with Him through
a good many past lives. From those same sets of
lives, I see that I myself have been in a similar
association in a good many lives, and so probably
have many of you. I suppose that I must take that
as accounting for the fact that, the moment I read of
our Master, I» instantly felt the strongest possible
attraction towards Him. When I had the privilege
of seeing Him, certainly, as Alcyone said, it never for
a moment occurred to me to distrust Him. The
attitude of different people varies very much accord-
ing to their disposition, but that disposition after all
is a question of tPieir own tearma. They have built
their own disposition from the long past, and so you
find some people who are, as it were, suspicious by
nature—well, perhaps that is a word with rather an
evil connotation; ^sceptical" would perhaps be
better. They find it very hard to believe anything.
On the other hand—there are some people who are
foolishly credulous, who accept anything and every-
thing that they may happen to be told. You see