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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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poor crown, and there must be others ahead of usť
There is a good deal of testimony from those who
have seen Them, who have met and^ spoken with
such Men. Why should there not be these advanced
People ? He can study the evidence that is given, and
so gradually he can bring himself to see the inherent
possibility of the thing. Then if he will study w^at
They have said (there is some report of that in our
literature) he will see that Those who have been able
to say all these things must at least be exceedingly
intelligent, highly developed, clever people. He can
gradually assemble for himself all the reasons which
are available, and so he will bring himself into an
attitude of mind where it is easier for him to believe.
Then some day, out of that, the inner conviction may
arise and not be rejected. Remember that the true
conviction often comes to a man and he fights against
it, because of his scepticism, and in spite of himself
will not believe.  That is a foolish thing to do.
Rather accept than refuse to accept when so grand
and so beautiful a truttf is put before you. Often
the sceptical man would like it to be true, would like
it to believe it. Well, let him make up his mind to
accept it until the contrary is shown. Of course in a
case where a man does instantly and instinctively
trust, it is because after all he, the ego, knows ; and
yet down here the impression may not come through.
Remember, too, that even the ego may not know*
The ego may send down imperfect impressions; he