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TWENTY-THIRD TALK          457

is not all-wise, he knows a good deal more than we in
the personality know about certain things, but he is
by no means* beyond the possibility of making a mis-
take.  The Mon^d knows, and sees clearly, you
may be sure of that. But we have no definite infor-
mation as to what the Monad knows or does not
know. I have told you several times that we who
investigate cannot reach the Monad on His own
plane ; we know Him only as manifesting through
the Triple Spirit on the Nirvanic or Atmic plane.
That is the highest we know of Him. We know
that the ego is a partial, but an extremely partial
manifestation of Him, just as the personality is a very
partial representation of the ego. You may infer
some things regarding the ego from the personality ;

but you would be wise not to infer very much,
because there is a vast amount in the personality
which is represented by a blank in the ego. Evil
qualities have no existence in the ego ; they mean
simply that he has not developed the opposite good
quality—that is all. And ^o, even if we knew the
ego (and few of us do) it might not be very safe
to reason from him to the Monad. The Monad is
the Divine Spark ; what He knows on His own plane
it is difficult for us to say. He puts Himself, or a
tiny part of Himself, down into matter in order that
He may acquire more experience and more power of
dealing with things on these lower planes. Whether
that implies that He has already all power on His