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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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own plane, I do not know. I scarcely think that we
have the right to take it for granted, because that
Monad must surely Himself be evolving, since He
takes the trouble to do all this in^ order to be able to
manifest Himself more. He is Divine in essence, but
I do not think it follows that that Divine essence is
fully developed in its power. I imagine that the
Spark is on its way to grow into a mighty Flame and
eventually into a great Sun, as it were. So that we
must look upon Him as evolving. But, at any rate,
whenever the Monad does in any way touch our lives
down here, He comes in as a God from above. He
comes in at certain great points in a man's life. You
will remember that in the case of Alcyone it was the
Monad that took that pledge to the^Lord Buddha.
In all cases of Initiation the Monad flashes down
and for the moment becomes one with the ego, just
as the two will permanently be one when Adeptship
is gained. The nearest we can get to understanding
the Monad is from the study of tJ3e Adept, in whom
the Monad is working in the same sort of way as the
Ego is working in us. That shows Him to be a
person of stupendous power and purity beyond
imagination. That is the Monad of the Adept, a
developed Monad. Yours and mine may be very
much less developed. One does not know; that is
rather a theory and we have no certainty. Those
are the only occasions in which we see the Monad in
full manifestation, and even that is manifestation