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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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of a fool." That is exactly it; you can follow it, but
you had better not be quite sure that it will always
guide you right. That is where you Sre ; you have
that kind of ego and you must take the karma and
the consequence of that, but it may not always be
absolutely correct. An ego may mislead in all good
faith. You will find down here on the physical
plane, generally speaking, that the less people know
the more certain they are. You will find that in
science the people who dogmatise are the students.
You go to the great scientific man ; he will say: <( I
have had no experience of such and such things, so
of course I could not pretend to lay down the law."
I think it is the same everywhere. I remember how
the Lord Chancellor once said : " I S,m as certain of
that as the youngest barrister present." It is the
youngest person present who is the most certain, be-
cause he has not yet learned that there are many
possibilities, that you cannot lay down the law too
definitely. Those who have been studying for years
are much more cautiou as to the way in which they
express themselves. So amongst us, it is the youngest
Theosophist, who has only read a manual or two,
who will lecture about karma and tell you all about
it. The elder ones rather avoid the subject; they
know very well they are not so sure. Of the Law
itself we are quite certain, because we have seen the
action of the thing so many times, but the method of
its action we are not at all sure about. You cannot