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TWENTY-THIRD TALK          46l

escape from it—that is the main fact that emerges.
Many people among us talk of not interfering with
karma; they" must be rather conceited people to
imagine that they tan interfere., that anything what-
ever they can do will prevent the action of a law.
You might just as well talk of interfering with the
law of gravitation. Under the law of gravitation you
can do various things, you can allow it to act upon
one thing and not upon the other, but you cannot
alter that law, and nothing whatever that you do
could possibly interfere with the law—so too with
karma, you may so live as to make some of its opera-
tions unavailing in your case—that you can do. The
case of our President is one in point. I suppose no
one was ever rrpore heartily abused than the President
of the Theosophical Society. All sorts of things
have been said about her. Now I suppose most
people would be very seriously affected by all those
things. They would be in torments of anger, or
horror, or hatred, or protest or something. The
President takes no notice whatever; therefore karma
does not work itself out in that way upon her, simply
because she is so impervious to that particular thing.
If she is abused along a particular line for more than
the usual time, she does sometimes say: " Well,
really this is getting a little monotonous. I wish they
would find something else." But that is about all. I
have been with her and that is about as far as she
ever goes. So you see karma falls back rather before