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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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a case of that sort; there is not very much that karma
can do, you are rising above it when you get to that

After all it is your own karrfta whether you can
trust or believe or not. You cannot make yourself
believe any more than you can make yourself love.
Those are things that come. You cannot make your-
self love a person, but you can make yourself think of
all his good points, and can so gradually see the reason
for loving, where before you felt absolute aversion.
You can think over the reason for belief and perhaps
gradually attain it, but anyhow it is the result of your
past. When you say that, however, do not forget
the corollary, that your present will be your past in
your next incarnation, and that as yo>u manage these
things now so will be your condition in that next life,
so that you will be able to look back and say : " Well,
I made myself in that life what I am now." Difficul-
ties on the Path there must be, and this question of
trust is one of the difficulties. Such difficulties
must come, because, if yt)u realise it, you are trying to
compress the work of three and a half Rounds into a
few lives ; humanity is supposed to attain the Adept
level at the end of the seventh Round, you are trying
to attain it in the middle of the fourth. (We do not
know exactly what a Round is; it is certainly a great
many millions of years, it is practically impossible to
arrive at any definite calculation of time. It is not
even certain that the time is arrived at beforehand. It