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TWENTY-THIRD TALK          463

may be rather that when such and such thing's are
done the Round will clo^e.)

Of course Some of these difficulties are only in the
beginning ; they do not attend you all the while, and
this question of confidence is for the most people one
of initial difficulty only, it does not go on with them
all the while.

Of course there are some who have actually seen
our Masters, and yet (incomprehensible though it may
seem) have fallen away from full trust in Them
afterwards. That must be a matter of karma. I
remember very well; for example, a young man whom
I used to know, a certain Mr. Brown of the London
Lodge. You have all heard of him ; he has written
a pamphlet describing his life, so there is no harm in
referring to him. He came out to India and for some
karma of the past he had the most unusual privilege
of meeting one of our Masters actually in the physical
body—a very rare thing indeed, it does not often
happen. They come down very rarely from Their
Tibetan home, but" both oPThem have been down
to India since I had to do with the Society—only in
those earlier years. You may read in The Occult
World that the Master Koot Hoomi came to Amritsar
where the Great Golden Temple of the Sikhs is. He
said: {< I have seen some of our proud old Sikhs
drunk and staggering over the marble pavement of
their sacred temple. ... I turn my face homeward to-
morrow." More and more, I suppose, They find that