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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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They can work better on the higher planes and leave
the work on the lower to those who are now gradually
gathering round Them in the worlcf; that is the
most economical way of spending Their force. At
any rate, this young Mr. Brown had first seen the
astral appearance of the Master K. H. and then he
happened to be travelling as Secretary, away in the far
North of India, with Colonel Olcott, and the Master
came in His physical body to see the Colonel. Brown
was sleeping in the same tent, but in a different
division of it. The Master spoke for some time with
Colonel Olcott, and then came round into Brown's
division of the tent. I do not understand it, but
Brown covered his head in the sheet and was afraid
to face the Master. Curious attitude<ťof mind ! Well,
of course, in such a Presence one would be highly
conscious of one's faults, but to adopt the ostrich-
like plan of putting one's head under the bed-
clothes does not seem to me to help one much,
because the bed-clothes of course are transparent to
the higher sight. At Sny rate that is what Brown
did. The Master spoke to him patiently, He said:

{t Take your head out of the bed-clothes. I want you
to see if I am the same person you saw in your astral
body."  Eventually the Master gave it up and left a
little note for him, and only then Brown recovered
his senses. He had there an unequalled opportunity,
an opportunity for which many of us would give a
great deal. We had deserved that opportunity of