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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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have it as the second or thii^l or seventeenth thing in
life. Everything else must be subsidiary to it. You
must understand that, in Occultism, the people who
teach and write mean exactly what they say. This
book tells you certain things; it means exactly what
it says. People say: s< Of course you could not take
that quite literally."  If you are in that frame of
mind you will not make progress. Confidence in the
Master does mean that you believe that He knows
exactly what you must do, and that He says what
He means; and that so, when, as in this book, He
lays down certain definite rules, you must follow
them, or at least try your hardest to do so. The
Path can be found. It can be trodden, because it
has been trodden. I know it seems difficult. It is
very hard to make people believe just that one thing,
that He means exactly what He says. They say:

(< Well, He means an approximation to that; he means
something like it." It is the same in Christianity,
the same with the savings of Qirist. The Christian
professes to believe them and to follow them, but in
practice he says: " It would not be possible to do
that now; it is not applicable to the present state of
society." He may be right or wrong in saying that,
but it is not following the Christ if you do not do
literally what He tells you to do. We must learn that
Occultism means business very emphatically; that is
not the ordinary coat of veneer which the world has.
The world often calls it politeness not to express a