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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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very different matter for a J-nan of twenty-one, and
so it is with us. We may be doing fairly well at <mr
level—1 hope we are—but we must no*t deceive our"
selves by imagining that our development is a hig-h
development.  It certainly is not. What we call
intellect is only a very small thing, a poor thing,
beside intellect as it will be. In the same way our
power of devotion, our power of affection, our power
of spiritual feeling, our sympathy, all these qualities
which, more or less, we may (not exactly perhaps)
pride ourselves on possessing, are ours in such a
small degree yet, as compared with what they will
be, that we must not rest on our oars, we must not
feel too easily satisfied with ourselves, but must always
be pressing on and on and trying to^gain more and
more. You can gain very much more of them in
meditation, for example. If you are trying- to develop
affection or devotion, really set yourself to work to try
to feel it, and you will be surprised at the strength of the
quality that you can evoke in yourself. And even then
you are starting as though to swim into a great lake.
You can press on and on and on, almost for ever»
without reaching the end. The capacity for these
qualities in man is very, very great indeed, because,after
all, man is an expression of the Divine. We call up
just a little ripple of these things in ourselves and we
think that that is the quality. Well, it is, but it is a
very, very trifling manifestation of it. To push on
and get the real thing is something surprising. We