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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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are told always, you know, that we must not yield
ourselves too much to emotion; but remember that
emotion, as the very name itself shows you, is a
motive power; it* is the power of emotion that
enables you to achieve, only you must have your
emotion under control. It is again, as I have told
you before, like a team of horses, you must not allow
them to run away with you; so an emotion which
develops into a great flood and sweeps you off your
balance is bad. It is of no use to you. But a con-
trolled and directed emotion is of very great use
indeed. That you are able to feel emotion, affection,
is a very wonderful thing, and without that you might
be a monster of intellect, but you could never be a
perfect man. ^You must have the power to express
all these wonderful surges of true feeling, because,
after all, our higher emotions are reflections of
Divine emotion. God is love, God is pity and com-
passion, God is sympathy, and so must we be. So
that it is well that we should have the emotion, only
it must be strictly, absolutely, under control, because
only then is it your emotion. If you have an emotion
which sweeps you away, you belong to it, it has
power over you ; it is not yours then, it is an effort
of an elemental entity from outside—of your astral
elemental. If it is your emotion, thoroughly under
control, it may be a very fine thing indeed, but it
must be absolutely under control, and it must be
always part of the Divine pov^er. We must not allow