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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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any of those lesser emotions which belong to the lower


The best we can think of all these" things is true,
but it is not nearly enough. So our realisation of
the Master will fall short of Him as He actually is,
because He is all these things in something approach-
ing to the Divine perfection. We must trust Him,
because, if we do not. He cannot help us. You must
remember that the relation between a Master and a
pupil is one of the deepest affection that the world
knows, but there is nothing in any way personal about
it You may say, from one point of view, that it is
an intensely impersonal relation, because for both of
them the one idea is the work to be done and how
it can best be done. For that reasonf alone a Master
accepts a man as a pupil, not because He has known
him in other lives, not because He feels affection for
him—for none of these reasons whatever, bat only
because that man can and will do the work. It is
from that point of view that a Master looks at every-
thing, and the pupil leaAs to look" at things from that
point of view also.

The whole thing is the Divine work,{< The Hidden
Work," you know, of the Egyptians. There was
always tt The Hidden Light" and the (t Hidden
Work " in the Egyptian Mysteries, the cs Jewel in
the Lotus," through which the man could really be
reached, could be helped, and on which one could
always play, to which one could always appeal.