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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Then the "Hidden Work," the work of building
up again the riven body of Osiris, of bringing
together all the fragments into their original unity
once more—that ^vas the work upon which all the
Initiates were engaged, and of course they are still.
We do not use the Egyptian terminology, but the
meaning that lies behind is always the same and it is
in that work, the work of helping the world and
promoting evolution, to which we must devote
ourselves. We do not allow any other considera-
tions whatever to come in the way of that work. The
pupil feels a far deeper affection than he who has not
reached that stage, but he uses the Power of that
force for the work of the Deity. It is a very wonderful
Power. The Power that made the worlds, the Power
that keeps them going, is the love of God, and the
love of God is shown forth in the heart of the
Initiate, in the pupil of the Master. But remember
. it is a very impersonal relation. It is not unlike that
of a soldier to his officer. I suppose in a battle the
soldier forgets himself—he*" must do so. Sometimes
you meet with a soldier who remembers himself and
remembers the danger that he is in, and thinks more
about that than about what has to be done. But do
you think highly of the man who takes that attitude?
It leads him generally to run away and hide some-
where, which is not his work. Therefore you do not
think well or speak well of the soldier who remembers
himself and forgets his work. There is a very decided