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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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similarity here.  We are in a certain way an army
joined together to stand for the right. Remember, no
man need join the Great White Brotherhood; no man
is compelled to offer himself as a pupil to the Master.
There are many who are not yet capable of doing so,
because as yet they are too much enmeshed in the
world, in desires and feelings; because as yet they
have not reached the higher unselfishness necessary
for that and do not understand the desirability of
service. So no one is compelled to come into Occult-
ism, but when he does so, his attitude must be that
he lives not for himself, but for others, not for any
personal advancement but only for the work. He
must put aside the personal self if he wishes to make
progress. Remember we all have a mixed and varied
past behind us- In that past we must, to a large
extent, have taken the lower and the selfish sideónot
that we were evil in any way more than other people,
but only that all men have come up through that line.
Now we must take the higher and not the lower. So
the close affection and thfe great p^wer of the disciple
is not for himself, it is always for the work. The
Master says here:

Unless there is perfect trust, there cannot be the per-
fect flow of love and power.

Therefore the pupil must have that perfect love and
also he must have that impersonal feeling, because
otherwise the force cannot flow through him. Suppose
our Master, for example, wishes to influence somebody,