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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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some outsider. There are thousands upon thousands
of men in the outer world who are helpful in one way
or another. *The Master might very well wish to
influence one of these in some way—to send him a
little of such and such a kind of force, and in many
cases that force needs to be outpoured on the physical
plane. Now how would a Master influence such a
man ? You might think the most obvious thing to do
would be to act upon that man's ego, and through
that on his personality ; but then you have to remem-
ber that the ordinary man has only a very narrow
thread of connection between his ego and his person-
ality, that the channel is often very much clogged—is
not really open. And so, because that channel is
blocked, it may be very much easier for the Master to
reach the physical plane by means of a channel which
is not blocked and through that physical-plane
channel to radiate the force on to the person required.
It is for that purpose, among many others, that the
Master uses His pupil—it is for that purpose that the
One Initiator uses His Initiates. He has there an
open channel, because, as they have unified the
higher and the lower self, the channel cannot be
closed. The man is the higher self, and although he
has many duties on the physical plane, he does them
with that feeling in the background. I do not mean
that he is thinking of nothing else, but that is always
the dominant idea.  tf< I am I, and I am a spark of
the Divine. I could do nothing which would not be