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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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approved by the Divine. Noblesse oblige. If I have
reached a higher level, then I must act as a man on
that level should act." Therefore the channel, in the
case of the Initiate or the pupil^' is open, and open
especially to the influence of his Master, because he
is absolutely in harmony with that, and therefore the
Master can pour down through that without any loss
of force and radiate out upon whomever He may
wish to serve.

There are not yet so many pupils of the Master
among us, but remember that all of you, by the very
fact that you are students of the higher life and are
meditating daily and are trying to make your lives
what you know they ought to be are more open to
such influences than the ordinary man outside. You
have been striving—many of you for years—to join the
ego and the personality; to clear away the obstacles
between. You may not yet have fully succeeded, but
at least you have done a good deal; therefore any of
you may be used for an outflow of force. True, the
Initiate or the pupil wofild offer the best line, when
available, but after all his power has its limits ; only
a certain amount can be sent through him at a given
moment. When all such people are already employed,
others may be used. There are many different layers
of the force sent out; if we are not yet sufficiently
developed to take the highest and the fullest expres-
sion, there are many-lower expressions which we can
take and which can be distributed through us. It is