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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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our business to see that each of us is ready for the use
of the Master in our several ways and at our various
levels. But you must remember that you have to be
receptive to the Master's force or He cannot use you»
There comes the point of this remark. You must
trust Him. If you are in a condition of doubt as
to the existence of the Master,—or of doubt as to
your own power to reach Him or to make any
progress, then that very doubt sets all the vibrations
going the wrong way and you are not a channel that
can be used. The same thing is true if you have
impurity or anger or depression or jealousy, or any-
thing else of a similar nature. Your vehicles would be
vibrating in a way that would close the channel to
these higher inifluences. And then remember, it is all
the time the Master's one idea to save the force, to
do what has to be done with as little expenditure of
spiritual force as possible, so that He may have the
more to spend on other work. If you are in any such
condition as I have described, you are not the easier
channel. It woul& then be easier to aim at the ego
of the man and try to force it down through his half-
open channel, because yours would not be open at
all; it would be a closed channel and so, useless to
the Master. You would fail Him just when He
wanted you, by having any vibrations in your various
vehicles that would repel the Master's influence of
transmitting it.  I remember a case of one who
aspired very strongly to become a pupil of a certain