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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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things for you, such as removing this or that state
of passion from you.^ No, He will only take the
method whioh will serve the work best, and He will
not be swayed by sentimental reasons of any sort. It
is well that we should fully and clearly understand
that. We have always some sort of idea that senti-
ment ought to come into play, that the work should
yield to personal feelings. Now if you know anything
about business, for example, you must be aware it
has often been said there is no friendship in business.
That is so. There is friendship in this way. If two
people are perfectly equal, and one of them is just as
desirable for work as the other, you would naturally
give the preference to the one who is a friend. But
when there is^real business to be done, you must take
the best man who offers himself, whether he be a
friend or not, and to put aside that best man and to
take a less efficient one, just because he was a friend,
would be to fail in doing your duty to the head of
that business. Just so, in this matter of the great
world war, you n^ust take athe best man to lead your
forces; you must take the best man to be at the head
of this Ministry or of that, to carry out this or that
department of the work. It is not a time for nepot-
ism—not a time to consider whether somebody's
nephew could be shovelled into a certain place. No,
you must have the best man, the man who can do the
work, because it is of all things important to every
man that the work should be done. The work of