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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Occultism is of that nature—it is work that is going
to be done, which has to b? done, and Those who
direct it will take the best man. Th<?y will not be
influenced by any kind of sentimental consideration.
A man says, you know: "I have tried to devote
myself to the Master for many years, but of course I
sometimes give way to passion and anger; I forget
all about Him and become selfish; but I have been
trying for a great many years." And they think that
constitutes a claim. The only claim is the ability to
do the work. It is the Master's duty to take the man
who can do the work, whether he be one who has
"just come to Him or one who has been serving Him
for years. There must be no consideration except
the practical one of getting God's work done. That
is the one and only thing. It is a little difficult for
human beings to grasp that, since we have a kind of
feeling that we deserve well of Him because we have
been failing to rise to the proper height in relation
to Him for twenty years. It is not a claim. It has
been an attempt, and pJft)bably a*noble attempt for
us where we happen to be; but if some one comes
who can do the work better, the Master must take

If we could at all grasp the idea of the spirit of
the work, we should rejoice. We also should be
permeated with the idea that the work must be done.
Long ago Ruskin said of a certain piece of work:

you should not be swayed by the mere personal