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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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consideration of who dyl it. " Be it mine or yours
or whose else it may, this also is well/5 You should
not hesitate to say that it is well done, even though
you did it yourself*; you should not fail to recognise
the better work of another because it is not you who
did it; the one thing is that the work should be done.
You will find wonderful passages in Ruskin. He
knew, so far as I know, nothing of Occultism, nor
did I when I knew him, but he wrote a great deal of
Occultism. I never heard him say one word which
implied that he understood such a thing. There was
no Theosophical Society in those days. Yet there is
very much in his writings which bears the true stamp
of Occultism, because it bears the stamp of truth and
of beauty and* of common-sense, and all that is
Occultism, you know.

The Master then goes on to the second part of it:

You must tiust yomself You say, you know yomself
too well ? If you feel so, you do not know youz self; you
know only the weak outer husk, which has fallen often into
the miie  But "you—the real your—you aie a spalk of God $
own fire, and God who is Almighty, is in you, and because
of that theie is nothing that you cannot do if you will  Say
to yomself (< What man has done, man can do  I am a
man, yet also God in man, I can do this thing, and I will.'7
For yom will must be like tempeied steel, if you would
tread the Path.

Now it is quite true that there is nothing a man
cannot do, but remember it is not said that he can do
it at once. That is where people sometimes make a
mistake. I know very well that they do, because I