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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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eet letters, scores of letters, hundreds of letters, from
people who are in some serious difficulty—fallen
perhaps under the influence of drink^or of drugs, or
of some kind of obsession, and thfiy say so often : (t I
have no will left, it is all gone; I cannot overcome it,
what can I do ?" When a person is in that condition
he can do anything, but not at once. It will take him
a long time to get back that will. The will is there,
mind, because it is the Divine Will in man. If you
had to create the will for yourself, then you might
very well despair because there is nothing so difficult
as for a weak-willed person to develop a will. But
the will is there ; it is the Will of God which shows
forth in you.  You have only to unfold it and
develop it and, because it is there, the case is not so
hopeless, however bad it may look—and some of
them look bad enough. Perhaps you have no idea,
those of you who have not met with any such cases,
how terrible the hold of such a thing is on a man,
how entirely his will is sapped away, and how he
feels that he can do noAing, that he is a poor will-less
creature, like a worm. Still the will is there, how-
ever much it may be hidden. You must get at it,
and you must develop it. It can be done. What,
after all, has that man done to get himself into such a
condition ? Probably for the whole of this incarnation,
perhaps for one or two previous ones, he has been
deliberately yielding himself to the desire elemental,
to the temptation of the lower, deliberately letting it