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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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a limited amount. If you would only look at these
things not sentimentally but like a problem m
arithmetic, you would be wiser. Do noT say : ic I am a
degraded worm, and the force Is too great for me."
That is not common-sense. Go to work and oppose
the force you put into it. You do not know exactly
how much you did put in, but of course you are
absolutely certain that you, being a limited being,
can have only put in a limited amount of force, and
the point is that you have an unlimited force at
your disposal- Just because you are a spark of the
Divine Fire, you have all the pow^r of God behind
you* Mind, only very little can come through you at
any given time, but it is coming all the while. You
have put this much of momentum^ into this great
weight, but it is not a dead weight you are opposing
to it now. It is the force of a living creature, with
all power behind him to draw upon; and therefore you
must bring that thing to a standstill sometime or other,
if you will only go on. But the difficulty is that, if
you do not get the result at once, you think it is
useless. You say, " It is no use trying. I have
tried—it is no good." But it is of use. You do not
see the effect, but the effect is there. You are all the
time slowly stopping this moving thing, but exactly
how long it will take you to stop it you cannot tell,
because you do not know how much force you have
|M»t into it. But what is absolutely certain, absolute-
ly »attenatically demonstrable, is that, if you will