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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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only go on, you must win success. The power is on
your side, there is no shadow of doubt about it.
However m&ny times you have failed, persevere ;

you can get thing's right again. I do not say you can
always do it in the one life. But here again a person
will say : <( If I cannot overcome this bad habit now,
let me wait till I get another body." He forgets
that, when he gets another body, his astral and
mental bodies will be an exact reproduction of what
he had at the end of the last life. If he leaves them
in this hopeless condition he will get others equally
hopeless; whereas, if he makes a determined fight
against it now, even though it dominate him to the
very end of this life, still every struggle is diminish-
ing the force?. If he will only go on struggling he
will get a very much better body next time. It is
very rarely that you get a case so bad that nothing
can be done for it in this life ; but sometimes you do<
The physical body is a wonderfully recuperative
organism, but there are some things which it cannot
reconstitute. If you lose ^n arm or a leg you cannot
reproduce them. There are lower organisms which
can do that, but something so developed as a human
being cannot do it. , So there are things which, for
one life, are irrecoverable. It is the same thing at
higher levels. A man may so injure his mental body
by debauchery that in this life it can never come back
to its pristine condition. Nevertheless if he make a
determined attempt against the evil, he will get a