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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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and that point of view^ is this. If once you realise
the right way (and that is what is meant by conver-
sion) and if ^ou thereupon turn round and go along
the right way, yor? will at once be free from all the
sin and sorrow and trouble which comes from moving-
your forces in the wrong direction. If you turn round
and send your forces along with the Divine Will, you
will be free then and there from all the trouble and
difficulties within you which have arisen from fighting
against It; but it does not follow that all the outer
consequences of what you have already done will be
wiped out. You have made the change, and that is
the one important thing. You are the ct converted "
man and you are going in the right way. Neverthe-
less you have *still to endure the results of having
gone along the wrong way. You cannot escape from
that. But you may change your attitude in one
moment—that is what is meant by the absolution
given to you by the priests. The priest will tell you at
once : " I do not profess to put right all the results
of the wrong you have done. If you have lived a
life of debauchery, if you have undermined your
constitution, I cannot put that right. Whatever be
the results, those results will remain, and it will be
part of your penance to try and undo them. What I
can put right is the guilt (to use the ecclesiastical
term). You have set yourself at odds with God;

you have set yourself across the current of evolution
—I can put you straight again. There my absolution