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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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will do something for you; it is the power of the
higher will and not the lower. It will take you
whenever you want to be taken, audit will give you
that turn and help to keep you oh the right lines, but
the physical results of the past cannot be undone."
You have fired a shot, you have thrown a stone; it
is gone, it is part of the irrevocable past. You
yourself can change your attitude, the priest can put
you right on the higher planes, where you yourself
lack the power. I do not say you could not do that
yourself, but you would do it with very great effort,
you would do it clumsily, unscientifically. The man
who knows how has been trained to do the thing for
you at once. That is the power that lies behind the
absolution, but you cannot be fre^d from all the
results of your sin ; the laws of Nature do not work
that way.

We in the Theosophical Society feel ourselves to
be different from other people who do not know
what we know. We have been a very long time in
getting to it. Read tffose lives of Alcyone and you
will see that a number of us come in to those lives.
Look at our condition twenty thousand, thirty
thousand years ago. You think we might have been
savages then and that we have worked up since that
time. Not in the very least. We were most respect-
able people, most respectable. So that we have
not made such an enormous advance. We have
just made a little turn, that enables us to see