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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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what is of most importance.   Remember in the
outer world there are plenty of people wiser than
we in man^ ways; plenty of people with higher
intellect, with greater spirituality and with greater
power of devotion.   Do not make a mistake.
We have that one little thing—that we have
the knowledge of the way in which we must try to
develop, the way in which we must direct our forces.
Some of those men of splendid intellect may be using
it for themselves. Some of these very devotional
people, along with their great love, may be narrow
and bigoted. I do not say that we are better than
they, but we are more all-round and more balanced
perhaps. That man's higher intellect, and that man's
magnificent cfevotion—these are splendid assets, and
when those people get the little thing that we have,
the knowledge of the way to direct these qualities—
then they will go ahead ; they may very well pass us
on our way because of that splendid intellect, of that
great devotion. We shall welcome them and rejoice
to see it. There is no jealousy on this Path, you
know. Each man hails the advance of his brother,
and the world rejoices when any one takes a real step
on this Path.

I should like to add to the above the other con-
sideration—that, until you have developed a will and
taken hold of yourself, you cannot really offer your-
self to the Master. People say: {t I give myself
entirely to the Master/' but do not you see you have