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TWENTY-FIFTH TALK     -     497

are not careful, in speaking of being merged into a
greater consciousness, df becoming one with it. The
man who is ftot used to our Theosophical form of
the conception always thinks that this means that
you have lost yourself—that you have merged into
something greater and are therefore no longer yourself.
The feeling to you is that the greater consciousness
has merged in yours. You have not the slightest
sense of having lost yourself or the continuity of
yourself ; yet having all that, you have lost the sense
of being separate. Of course I know that sounds
like a paradox. You say : (< How do I know myself ?
Because I am separate from other souls." Yes, I
know that seems so down here, and you cannot very
well express it otherwise. The truth is, that you will
all find it when you get high enough up in your
meditation. The Buddhic will give you that much
of the feeling. You get the feeling, when you touch
that level—that you are yourself—absolutely your-
self as you always were. You are watching, you are
observing all that^ happens?, and yet you have this
enormous wideness which contains everything. I know
how hard it is for people to grasp that, but when
you experience that everything, then you will know
that that is so—that though you are so infinitely
wider you can no longer think of yourself as separate^
All efforts fail to put these things into words;

because we are talking the wrong language. We
have not words to express these things. At any rate