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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"


you must not take it for granted when you meet with
any of our Theosophical terms, in Hindu or Buddhist
books, that they mean exactly the sam^ thing. Very
often they do not; they have quite- different meanings.
I should not like to try, for example, to define exactly
what these books mean by Buddhi, only I am quite
certain what we mean by it. Ours is a far more
general conception. We are eliminating some of our
worst mistakes. We have got rid of the term Linga
Sharira. It used to be a name given to the etheric
double of each man. Presently our President began
to learn Samskrit, and then it was found to be
something quite different; therefore we dropped that

It is very difficult to get shades of meaning.
Suppose a man who knew nothing about the Christ-
ian religion tried to understand such a word as
"grace," he would look it up in the dictionary and'
he would find there certain meanings of the word
grace, but those are not what it means to a Christian
when he talks about am outpouring of grace. If
he looked it up in the dictionary he would get
entangled  with   words like ct graceful"  and
(< gracious " and get quite on the wrong track. That
is so also with te dispensation ".   In ecclesiastical
language it is quite a different thing from what it is
in ordinary life. So with a great many other things.
Yon speak ecclesiastically of "elevation" in a very
special sense 5 you do not mean at all what you mean