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TWENTY-FIFTH TALK           499

by it in everyday life. Every religion has a number
of terms which, in process of time, come to have their
special religions meaning ; and unless you have been
brought up in that religion, approaching it from inside
instead of outside, it is not easy to get the exact

In the beginning of the Theosophical movement,
none of us knew Samskrit. Madame Blavatsky knew
something of the religions, but she did not know a
word, practically, of Pali or Samskrit. Her method
was to describe anything that she herself saw as well
as she could, and say to the nearest Indian : st What
do you call it in your system ? " The poor man did
not understand, because the ordinary Indian's know-
ledge of English is not good enough to enable him to
understand shades of meaning. He often did not
know, but he gave her the nearest he could. Next
time she wanted a word she would ask another man ;

but she never paid any attention to the fact that the
first man might be a Hindu and the second man a
Buddhist, while the Hindu mfght belong to any of the
six great systems of philosophy. All these six systems
use these terms with slightly different shades of mean-
ing, and so you can see how we got into confusion
with all these words. We have only recently begun
to realise that the better thing is to drop the Samskrit
terms and use English words, if we can, explaining
in the beginning what we mean to convey by those
words. This seems to be the only thing to do.